Why You Should Hire A LinkedIn Profile Writer for Your Mid-Career Change (And How)

LinkedIn is an absolute must for today’s job seeker. With nearly one out of every four Americans filing an unemployment claim, the competition in this COVID-19 world is fierce. Give yourself every possible advantage among the 400 million+ users who use this top career site. Hire a LinkedIn profile writer for a profile that presents a persuasive professional narrative and highlights your skills and accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile should be a worthwhile destination for recruiters and hiring managers. After all, more than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find top talent.


Why You Should Hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer

Having a polished resume produced by a professional resume writer is certainly an excellent asset to have in your job search. Yet it is not the only one. You need a LinkedIn profile that communicates as effectively as your resume does. An out-of-date, inactive, incomplete, or poorly written LinkedIn profile can do more harm than good. A LinkedIn profile (I added profile to LinkedIn in multiple areas unless LinkedIn writer is also a major searched key word – please let me know if this needs to stay LinkedIn writer or if my change if OK)  writer can distill your professional narrative, craft the message for your professional objectives, and persuade potential employers that you have the required skillset to succeed at their organization. Much of what distinguishes a quality LinkedIn profile from a lackluster one comes down to branding and marketing strategy. In that sense, a lot of the work is “unseen.”


Increase Your LinkedIn Profile’s Searchability

It is critical to understand that LinkedIn profile writers are not just expert storytellers. They also have a lot of specialized knowledge concerning searchability. They know what words to use that will make your LinkedIn profile pop up in recruiters’ search results and pique hiring managers’ interest. Like all websites, LinkedIn.com depends heavily on the use of keywords and search engines. LinkedIn is also, like all websites, at the mercy of Google. LinkedIn profile writers are adept at targeting and generating the keywords that will make your profile more visible on LinkedIn (and through Google search). Recruiters and hiring managers can’t analyze your profile’s content if they cannot get to your profile.


Get a LinkedIn Profile With a Professional Voice

If step one is getting recruiters and managers to your LinkedIn profile, then step two is getting them to stay. As a customer (a job seeker like you), this is the part of professional LinkedIn profile writing that is easier for you to see and appreciate. Quality writing that looks good and sounds good! When you hire a LinkedIn profile writer, you are essentially hiring a branding strategist for your personal brand—you as a professional. They will not be modest on your behalf. Au contraire, when it comes to your professional viability, they are there to be your hype man (or woman) coach. They will discern what voice is appropriate for your industry and choose the perfect words to convey what needs to be said about your career. Strong writing is much more than good grammar.


Stand Out From Other Serious LinkedIn Users

For any number of reasons, many job seekers do not think to hire a LinkedIn profile writer. Perhaps they do not take LinkedIn seriously (which is a mistake) or they do not think about LinkedIn at all (an even graver mistake). Don’t join this crowd! You want to be among the LinkedIn users who do take the site seriously and their presence on it even more seriously. This crowd is your competition. LinkedIn profile writers will discern how to put you in the best light among this crowd. You want the spotlight in your industry and for your career level. Achieving this result requires the LinkedIn profile writer’s use of both “seen” and “unseen” skills: strong writing and strategy specific to LinkedIn.



LinkedIn Profile Writer Can Give You a Mid-Career Update

Worldwide pandemic or not, changing career paths is always a challenge, but one that LinkedIn profile writers are equipped to help you navigate. The reality is that many people have a combination of “hard” and “soft” skills. Hard skills are quantifiable, tangible skills, such as software knowledge, language proficiency, or training in how to use specific kinds of equipment and machinery. Soft skills, also known as “people” or “social” skills, include things such as active listening, conflict resolution, and leadership. It is often more difficult to identify hard skills versus soft skills, but, even so, you may not be aware of all the skills you possess. Many skills are transferrable from industry to industry, though it’s not always immediately obvious which ones.


LinkedIn profile writers can:

  • help identify your skills based upon previous professional experience
  • connect the dots between fields
  • pitch your skills to potential employers in a new industry

Certain fields field witness especially high – this does not make sense LinkedIn usage from recruiters and hiring managers. These are also fields that commonly hire employees transitioning from other industries.


LinkedIn Profile Writers and Federal Resumes

Are you at a loss for which field to enter? Do you want stability and security? Do you want to serve your country? Consider the federal government or its sibling field, government contracting. The federal government is one of the few employment sectors of our current economy that is actually expanding. As such, it’s a very active field on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile writer can position your resume to help you advance within the government or pursue a new career with them. Many LinkedIn profile writers also offer a discount to veterans in honor of and thanks for their service.


LinkedIn Writers and Transition Resumes (Military to Civilian)

Current or recently active military professionals often have trouble finding a new career in the civilian sector when they first try. Regardless of your rank or pay grade, it can be difficult to transition to a civilian career path. The COVID-19 pandemic can make that transition even harder. A LinkedIn writer can help you pinpoint some of your most marketable skills from the wide range of skills and experiences you acquired in the military. A LinkedIn writer also knows just how to translate those skills and experiences using civilian terminology. They are wordsmiths, after all!


LinkedIn Writers and IT Resumes

The IT field requires special attention to detail, including terminology. Crafting a LinkedIn profile for the IT field is no exception. LinkedIn profile writers know how to achieve the technical voice and hone in on results-driven narratives for successful IT LinkedIn profiles. Perhaps more than any other field, this is one where strong, creative writing alone will not impress recruiters and hiring managers. Hiring a LinkedIn profile writer means your LinkedIn profile will benefit from the strategic knowledge they bring. They will target the right keywords to attract IT recruiters and hiring managers AND tell a compelling, organized, and highly detailed technical narrative to encourage their follow-up and follow-through.


How to Hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer

My Expert Resume, based in Plantation, Florida, has more than 15 years of experience and has assisted thousands of clients by creating powerful professional resumes and cover letters. LinkedIn profile writing is a more recent addition to the portfolio, but certainly in line with the company’s commitment to aggressively market each client’s unique qualifications. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many job seekers are struggling with sudden lay-offs and furloughs.

My Expert Resume offers complete job search services by taking customers from the point of resume creation to that of employment offers, and everything in between. Again, an effective LinkedIn profile is a part of all of that. Core services include creating management resumes, professional/mid-career resumes, and student resumes, but My Expert Resume performs professional resume writing for all types of candidates. Industries requiring specialized expertise, such as pharmaceutical/medical device resumes, federal resumes, and military/military transition resumes, are not exempt. Upper-level professional services for executive resumes, technical/IT resumes, and curriculum vitae are also available.

For LinkedIn and beyond, My Expert Resume guarantees ethical practices and client confidentiality. All of our LinkedIn profile writers maintain strict confidentiality with each client and never share your information with others. Our writers have impeccable integrity and adhere to the highest professional ethics.


The Cost of Revamping Your LinkedIn Profile

You may know that you need to hire a professional LinkedIn profile writer, but what about the cost? First, know that flat rates are rare. Every client is special and their needs vary. As such, pricing varies. My Expert Resume’s pricing is set at different levels to account for the amount of time and work involved for the LinkedIn writers. Individualized factors may include your career field, your desired career level, your number of years of experience in the field, and the complexity of writing your profile. The average range is $199 to $599. Many expenses are tax-deductible; consult your tax advisor for specific details. Please call for a FREE Quick Quote for your specific needs.


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