Submitting a federal resumes isn’t like applying for a job in the private sector.  When applying for a federal job, submitting an accurate and well written resume is only part of what it takes to get the job.  Federal resumes need to cover a lot of ground and those looking over a big stack of candidates for a federal job rarely have time to comb over each one.  For this reason, many applicants who submit a federal resume never get a chance to talk to a recruiter.

Professional resume writers at Expert Professional and Business services have helped many people applying for a federal job navigate the process of getting an interview.  Using expert knowledge about the hiring process for federal jobs, professional resume writers curate a federal resume that helps the candidate stand out and get the job.  From their years of experience, these professional resume writers fully understand what should be included on a federal resume.  Candidates searching for the perfect federal job will have an easier time getting hired if they follow these 5 tips from professional resume writers.


1 – Create more than one federal resume

Federal resumes should mimic the job posting.  Using the same federal resume to apply for several different openings within the same government doesn’t get noticed.  Each resume should be customized to perfectly display accomplishments and skills in a way that answers a specific job posting.  Some professional resume writers also recommend creating a base resume.  This kind of federal resume lists the basics in a highly searchable way so that recruiters can find candidates who have skills that match what they are looking for.


2 – Clearly state KSA qualifications on a federal resume

The federal government uses a scoring system based on the KSAs for each job. KSA qualifications should be clearly listed on a federal resume.  They should be prominently displayed and easy to read.  Many professional resume writers recommend to use the same format to list duties, responsibilities and qualifications.  In addition to qualifications, a list of required skills and certificates should also be displayed in an easy to read way. According to professional resume writers, the list of requirements noted on the job posting should mimic the list of accomplishments and skills listed by a candidate on a federal resume.


3 – Demonstrate achievements and work ethic in a federal resume

On a federal resume, a list of achievements without specific verifiable information may not get the job done.  While most professional resume writers agree that listing achievements and work history is essential, not all of them know how to word those accomplishments in a way that gets the attention of a reader.  Top quality professional resume writers, like those at Expert Business and Professional Services, recommend using specifics and numbers to clarify achievements at a job.  They also recommend using the space where duties and responsibilities are listed to tell a story of professional growth and demonstrate how a candidate has helped a company achieve its goals.

4 – Include relevant training and organization memberships on a federal resume

Federal resumes that don’t include relevant training and community experience tend to go unnoticed. Candidates should include any training or affiliation they believe would aid them in completing the federal job they are applying for. For example, a person who was a treasurer for a community club but has no other experience handling finances could use that experience to prove they can handle money and budgets. Professional resume writers recommend ensuring that all relevant experience is used to demonstrate an applicant meets the requirements of the job they hope to get.


5 – Use a federal resume as a marketing tool

Federal resumes should focus on selling the candidate and the asset they will be when they are hired.  Candidates who don’t attempt to sell themselves to the recruiter in their federal resume don’t stand out.  Touting accomplishments and stating specifics about professional growth doesn’t come easy for everyone and some may need help boasting about their careers.  Professional resume writers recommend that candidates utilize everything at their disposal to sell themselves and use their federal resume as a marketing tool.  In addition to a federal resume, professional resume writers also recommend using an online presence to help show off what kind of employee they could be.


Professional resume writers and federal resumes

Federal resumes are one of the hardest resumes to get right.  Most candidates submit the same resume for multiple positions, often leaving off relevant experience that could make a difference.  Professional resume writers work diligently with candidates to help them prepare a federal resume that tells a full picture of their career and accomplishments.  Using the KSA requirements from the job posting and years of expertise, professional resume writers create a resume that reflects exactly what a recruiter needs to see.

Candidates who use a professional resume writer to complete their federal resume report getting better results than when they were sending out their resume on their own.  Professional resume writers display job history and responsibilities in a way that gets attention from recruiters and helps candidates stand out from a sea of potential employees.  For many applicants, weeks or months go by without getting a call back after submitting a federal resume.  Applicants that chose to hire a professional resume writer hear back more quickly and advance forward in the hiring process in nearly half the time.


For applicants that continue to struggle with getting an interview, hiring a professional resume writer is a worthwhile option.   To ensure a positive experience, candidates should hire only well-established and highly regarded professional resume writers such as Expert Business and Professional Services to help them with their job search.