Looking for work in this day and age requires more than walking door-to-door in a suit with a smile and a handshake. With the proliferation of professional internet networking, standing out in an ever-growing crowd seeking the best jobs in 2019 requires a findable and professional LinkedIn Profile in addition to an outstanding and concise resume.


With a professional resume writer, one’s work history and LinkedIn Profile will stand out to potential employers and keyword scanning programs.

Studies show that a job seeker has only seconds to grab the attention of an employer, a multi-page resume with lengthy details, no matter how impressive the credentials one may have, could be easily lost in the mix of other candidates for the desired position.

Some employers may not review a resume before a machine scans the document for particular keywords associated with whatever skill set the company feels the candidate should possess. Each industry has a different set of expectations and the words connected to someone who can meet those expectations vary from company to company.


A professional resume writer will have the necessary experience to translate one’s skill set to the language of the company’s industry

A person’s work experience might transfer exceptionally well to a new industry of interest. For someone who is not only looking for work, but, wanting to change career paths, a professional resume writer will highlight employment history in such a way to demonstrate how this new job is the obvious next step, making this applicant the best fit for the job.

Companies have grown privy to the power of social networking.  With a quick online search a company may find private information or old and outdated profiles that deter from seeing the potential candidate as worthy of their position.  A completed and professionally written LinkedIn profile can provide added valued to the job search for hopefuls.


Having their LinkedIn profile reviewed by a professional resume writer is the quickest way for job seekers to land their dream job in 2019

In addition to having aconcise, targeted resume for each position that one is interested in acquiring, it may be wise to have a professional resume consultant to update an applicant’s LinkedIn profile.

Social media has doubled for people in the digital age as networking and professional screening. Marketing oneself and their skills on a platform where connections can verify the applicants expertise may go a long way when a recruiter is scouring the internet looking to get a sense of a candidate’s personal brand.

A professional from myexpertresume.com helps people clean up their professional image on LinkedIn so their credentials and experience are best represented online. To stand out in the crowd of others who slapped together a LinkedIn profile, the level of professionalism attributed to one’s online personality with a professionally scrubbed profile will offer candidates an advantage.


Raise the likelihood of getting the best job in 2019 with the help of Expert Resume writers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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