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If I were an employer, I’d say, “hire this woman…we don’t even need to meet her with an awesome cover letter and professional resume like this.”  Where would I be without you?!
H.C., London, U.K.

About My Expert Resume

For more than 15 years, Expert Business & Professional Services, Inc. in Plantation, Florida has assisted thousands of clients by creating powerful professional resumes and cover letters to aggressively market each client’s unique qualifications.
We offer complete job search services by taking you from the point of resume creation to that of employment offer, and everything in between.
We perform professional resume writing for all types of candidates.

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IT Resume Writer
Jul 20

5 Signs an IT Resume Writer Could Help Get an Interview

Posted by My Expert Resume

IT resume writers,like those at Expert Business and Professional Services, can be essential to the job hunt in Plantation, Florida. In a field…

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When on the hunt the for a job in Plantation, Florida, choosing to a hire a mid-level resume writer is a difficult choice. Those looking to land a mid-level management position usually have less expendable income around. That alone makes even thinking about hiring a mid-level resume writer a day dream for some.
Jul 20

6 Things a Mid-Level Resume Writer Should Recommend

Posted by My Expert Resume

When on the hunt the for a job in Plantation, Florida, choosing to a hire a mid-level resume writer is a difficult choice. …

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LinkedIn Profile
Dec 17

A Professional Resume Writer Can Help Grab The Attention of A Future Employer with a LinkedIn Profile.

Posted by My Expert Resume

Looking for work in this day and age requires more than walking door-to-door in a suit with a smile and a handshake. With…

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Ethical Practices and Client Confidentiality

Expert Business & Professional Services understands the value of confidentiality for our clients.
We maintain strict confidentiality with each client, and never share your information with others.
We have impeccable integrity and adhere to the highest professional ethics.

Benefits of Using our Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

In today’s tough job market you need a competitive and market-driven resume that distills values, highlights your uniqueness and opens the right doors. Expert’s resumes are accomplishment-focused and solution oriented.

All work is done in-house by us– no outsourcing like most other companies!

We do not use preformatted styles nor do we fill in the slots of a template.

Expert has a proven record of excellence and results getting you jobs you really want – faster.

Our professional resume design captures your unique brand and strengths.

We focus on specific achievements and bottom line results.

We keyword optimize our professional resumes appealing to the human and computerized processes.

Our professional resumes get your résumé in the “yes” pile.

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