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Sandy has a unique background rooted in Human Resources, as well as experience as an Executive Recruiter and Headhunter. This experience on all sides of the table provides an unprecedented perspective which differentiates us from most other résumé writers. We are more in the business of getting people from point A to point B in their careers versus rearranging words on a piece of paper. We also stay abreast of the employment market and hiring trends that will affect our clientele, providing up-to-date advice, counsel, and services to most effectively meet today’s needs.

Expert has a proven record of excellence and results getting you jobs you really want – faster. Over 95% of over Clients Get Higher Response Rates; 54% of Clients Get Higher Pay or Better Jobs; and 67% of Our Business is Referrals.

We have earned an outstanding reputation in our industry for quality work done with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. We deliver on our promises and exceed our client’s expectations. You can reference unsolicited client reviews by Googling our business name and/or our testimonials on our website.


Expert Business is a full service résumé writing and career services company offering professional Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development, Job Search, and Career Marketing Services. We offer complete job search services by taking you from the point of résumé creation to that of employment offer, and everything in between.

Our core services are Résumé, LinkedIn Profile, CV and Professional Biography Preparation, Cover Letter and Thank You/Follow-up Letter Development, Job Search Services & Strategies, Interview Training, and Career Counseling.

We also provide Letters of Recommendation; Salary Histories/Requirements; Assistance with Online Applications; Letters of Resignation; and Reference Pages.

For Business Owners we provide Business Marketing Brochures, Business Plan Development, Proposals/Presentations, and Web Content Development


We guarantee that any résumé we write will produce interviews or we will rewrite it and/or work with you throughout your job search until it does – free!

We also provide after support and cutting-edge advice on the best professional job search strategies. We assist with application questions, interviewing, salary negotiations, or anything else that will help our candidates take the next critical step in their career and secure a position that will meet both short- and long-term professional, personal and financial goals.

We measure our success solely by our clients’ results and 98% of Clients Get Higher Response Rates; and 54% of Clients Get Higher Pay or Better Jobs. The only way someone ever comes back or refers someone is if they get the type of job they are looking for.