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Are you new to the job market? Then you are probably facing that classic “Catch-22″… no one wants to hire you until you have experience… and you can’t get experience until someone hires you!  At Expert Business & Professional Services, we understand the unique needs of young professionals, recent graduates and students.

Thanks to your powerfully written professional resume, I have an interview tomorrow. I am really glad that I made the decision to work with you. -D.R., Fort Lauderdale, FL


Average Price Range: $399-$599

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Since every client is so unique and are at different levels, our student resume and LinkedIn profile pricing varies depending on the amount of time and work involved for our professional writers. The cost of writing a student resume or LinkedIn profile is based on a number of individualized factors such as your field of endeavor, level of the position you seek, years of experience, and complexity of writing the document or profile. Please call for a FREE Quick Quote for your specific needs.


Many Expenses are Tax Deductible. Consult Your Tax Advisor for Specific Details.

Does your student resume, graduate resume or LinkedIn profile effectively reflect the type of candidate you are?
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The before and after version of my resume was profoundly better. I am so much more confident in my job search as a result. -W.R., Pembroke Pines, FL