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Since there isn’t much room at the top, opportunities at the executive level are limited. As a result, your executive resume should speak, feel and transcend above all else. This is why it is crucial to present yourself as the complete package—a product and asset a company will want to acquire.

The backbone of your executive resume should be supported by growth-oriented, bottom line results, with key examples of how these were achieved. Executive search committees spend thousands of dollars seeking the right candidate and want to read a compelling document that captures your unique value.


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Since every client is so unique and are at different levels, our executive resume and LinkedIn profile pricing varies depending on the amount of time and work involved for our professional writers. The cost of writing an executive resume or LinkedIn profile is based on a number of individualized factors such as your field of endeavor, level of the position you seek, years of experience, and complexity of writing the document or profile. Please call for a FREE Quick Quote for your specific needs.

Many Expenses are Tax Deductible. Consult Your Tax Advisor for Specific Details.

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