Professional Resume Writing


A Professional Resume Generates Interviews

Cookie Cutter Resumes Just Don’t Cut It! Your professional resume must answer the “why” question because employers are going to ask it over and over again. They will want to know…

  • Why does this candidate want to work for our company?
  • Why is this candidate better than the rest?
  • Why is this candidate worth interviewing?

This means your professional resume must go beyond duties and responsibilities and focus on Accomplishments, Achievements, and Results. The more accomplishments that appear in your professional resume, the more credibility your experience gets from the reader – and the more answers the reader gets to their “why” questions. Keep in mind that your professional resume will be the only gauge the decision-maker has to determine whether you qualify for the open position. Make your resume count! Have it professionally written by Expert Business.

You are a gifted writer! I would highly recommend you to any colleague. -R.B., Sunrise, FL

At Expert Business & Professional Services we provide a wide variety of services for business professionals. Our service packages are designed around the needs and capabilities of professionals at the various career stages identified below.


Professional Resume Writing Services Overview:
Resume Preparation LinkedIn Profile
Cover Letters Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Job Placement Services Federal Resumes and KSAs
Salary Histories/Requirements Career Counseling
Interview Training Letters of Resignation
Business Marketing Brochures References Page
On-Line Posting Masters/Doctoral Portfolios
Thank You Letters Professional Biographies
Job Search Strategies Military Resumes


How Is Your Current Resume Working For You?
Is It a Strategic Marketing Tool or a Career Obituary?

If you have attempted to write your own resume, you can attest to the fact that resume writing isn’t as easy as it looks. Professional resume writing is a skill that takes practice, specialized knowledge, business sense, and strong writing ability.

You need well-crafted documents that communicate the qualities companies look for: experience, leadership ability and character. With our professional resume writing service, our professional resume writers work with you one-on-one to create an application package that sets you apart.

More than just a summary of job responsibilities and achievements, a powerful resume displays your talents, value and potential. Your presentation of yourself on your resume determines whether or not your name ends up on the interview list. If you allow Expert to create that perfect professional resume for you, we will guarantee you that interview!


A Professionally Written Resume has Three Critical Elements: Quality, Uniqueness and Strategy

Our professional resume writers know how to make you stand out from the crowd. What counts is how effectively your unique mix of skills and accomplishments are communicated in your resume. We know how to strategically market your skills in order to trigger positive responses.

Quality: It is not how good your resume looks or reads on its own, it’s all about how good your resume looks and reads compared to other resumes! Our professional resume writers know how to make you stand out from the crowd.

Uniqueness: What counts is how effectively your unique mix of skills and accomplishments are communicated in your resume. Our professional resume writers strategically present your credentials in competition with your peers.

Strategy: Our professional resume writers know how to market your unique skills by strategically choosing powerful and competitive words in order to trigger positive responses. We answer the employer’s ultimate question – “Why you?” Our professional resumes and cover letters work together to sell you to employers by clearly marketing your strengths, abilities and expertise.


Resume Writing Includes:

  • Personalized Interview and Consultation: Through a personalized interview, we take information about you, your career goals, and your potential future employer. During our initial contact, your documents, background and goals will be discussed. Everything is custom-developed using information gathered from you. A strategic plan of action for your resume will be developed and priced. Information will be compiled via your existing resume, interviewing and whatever other means are required to achieve optimal impact.
  • Custom Construction: We assemble the information you have provided into a high-quality resume, incorporating important key words. Upon completion, your resume and other personal marketing tools are presented for your review and fine-tuning, if necessary. We capture your personal style, and create a professional resume and cover letter personalized for you and tailored to your career field.
  • Structure & Organization: We prioritize your achievements, evaluate your accomplishments, and sort information in order of importance. Each resume is focused, organized and in compliance with current resume building styles.
  • Design/Layout/Formatting: We structure your resume to conform to the format which best presents your experience and accomplishments. This ensures the resume presents you in the most professional manner.
  • Proofreading: We ensure that spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation are correct.
  • Electronic and Hard Copies: Includes resume paper copies, fax copies, and electronic copies in MS Word, Text and PDF formats.
  • Re-edits: If you require further editing for any reason, we will re-edit until you are completely satisfied.


Benefits of Using our Resume Services

In today’s tough job market you need a competitive and market-driven resume that distills values, highlights your uniqueness and opens the right doors. Expert Business & Professional Services’ resumes are accomplishment-focused and solution oriented. Our resumes focus on bottom line results, not the fluff.

  • Expert has a proven record of excellence and results getting you jobs you really want – faster.
  • All work is done in-house – no outsourcing like most other companies!
  • We do not use preformatted styles or templates.
  • We keyword optimize our professional resumes appealing to the human and computerized processes.
  • Our professional resume design captures your unique strengths in a succinct, clear, and emphatic matter.
  • Our professional resume writers focus on specific achievements and bottom line results.
  • Our professional resumes get you in the “yes” pile.


Pricing/Service Packages

Since every client is so unique and are at different levels, our professional resume pricing varies depending on the amount of time and work is involved for our professional resume writers. The cost of writing a professional resume is based on a number of individualized factors such as your field of endeavor, level of the position you seek, years of experience, and complexity of writing the document. Call for a FREE Quick Quote for your specific needs.

The bottom line is results and you are a master at presenting the right skills and strengths to get me the interviews. -C.B., Davie, FL