Writing a resume sounds like a simple enough task at first – write down your past work experience on one page to give a potential employer an idea of what you can bring to the company.

This simple task, however, requires a laser focus on what matters to modern employers. Applying for work has changed considerably in the past few decades with the proliferation of online application platforms. Employers are spending less and less time reading resumes thanks to the several options for evaluating a person’s professional value via computer keyword scoring. If the job you want requests a resume, you have to stand out in a crowd of hundreds of other applicants with words and formatting alone.


Here are three signs a professional resume writer might be just what your job search is missing:


#1: Using a professional resume writing service is particularly beneficial if your field of expertise does not include writing skills.

Several employers use a scanning software for key terms and phrases before ever looking at a resume personally, if ever. If you’re not familiar with the words a particular employer wants to see, your resume may be rejected before a human lays eyes on it.

Once the resume is in front of a human reviewer, you have seconds to catch his or her attention.

Resume writing is no longer a simple report of your work history – it’s essentially a specialized marketing proposal and your experience is what you’re selling. If you’re a highly trained engineer or an accountant, marketing writing is not expected of you professionally; however, the benefits of this skill when it comes to making you stand out from the competition is extremely valuable. A professional resume writer will take the best information from your work and education experience and present it on the page in such to make you the most obvious choice to an employer.


#2: The value of a professional resume writer may drastically counterbalance the overall expense of job hunting.

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, you may already need to cut corners and costs until you acquire your next line of employment. However, when it comes to job searching, the expenses pile up quickly. If you decide you need a new suit, if you meet interviewers for coffee or lunch, and then when you add commuting expenses to meet potential employers, it’s expensive looking for work.

When you search for “professional resume writers near me,” you make the first investment in shaving months of expenses off your tab. According to one professional writer’s interview with cheatsheet.com, “For an investment of less than a week’s pay, I have helped my clients cut months and even years off their job search.” Save yourself money in the long run by investing in a professionally written resume.


#3: Top professional resume writing services will represent your true experience and value regardless of your assumed limitations based on experience or personality.

When you highlight career experience from 30+ years ago or use outdated language, your resume may come off as dated. Employers are essentially shoppers seeking out the latest upgrades to benefit their business. A professionally written resume will spotlight the right attributes of your experience to demonstrate why you are the best pick for their company.

Additionally, if you’re not one to brag, a professional writer will do it for you. The “humble brag” is an essential skill for showing employers they want what you have to offer. Shyer personality types can still make it in this job market with a professionally written resume which highlights their strengths in such a way to make the employer’s selection process easy (which is exactly what they prefer in getting a position filled).

If you’ve had a bumpy history, a professional resume writer will make the explanation for your absences or changes in career path look like the obvious parts of your story which make you the most qualified person to work for their company. A professional resume writer will accentuate the positive aspects of your experience even if you took time off to raise a family or assist a relative during a medical crisis.


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One of the top complaints of most employers when reviewing candidates to work for their company is sifting through poorly written resumes. One professional writer was noted as having said most executives reviewing resumes are disappointed by 80% of the documents submitted. A well-written document saves an employer costly time in selecting who they want to hire.


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