Medical device sales resumes need to prove that a salesperson can build relationships, drive sales and get results.  Since it takes a large variety of skills to be able to get the sale, it can be hard to convey why a candidate is a perfect fit on paper.  For medical device sales representatives, learning how to display their experience and skills on their resume could help them advance their career.

Professional resume writers have the knowledge and expertise about resume writing to know how to help medical device sales representatives with the contents of their resume.   After years of working with candidates, the professional resume writers at Expert Business and Professional Services learned that there were several mistakes that most medical device sales representatives were making on their resumes.  Below are the 7 ways they fix the mistakes and help a medical device sales rep get hired.


Professional resume writers always take care of the basics

There are certain basics to resume writing that professional resume writers always stick to.  For medical device sales resumes, the most important parts are similar to other resumes.  Professional resume writers use easy to read fonts and formatting that draws the reader’s eye down the page.  In addition to formatting and fonts, they also do things like used bulleted lists and display experience before education.  Keeping it simple and sticking to the basics ensures that professional resume writers are creating a medical device sales resume that is clear and concise.


Professional resume writers use keywords to get medical device sales resumes seen

One of the most important parts of a resume in 2019 is the keywords used in it.  First, a computerized scanner programmed to look for specific words evaluates a resume.  This means that a medical device sales resume that doesn’t include the right keywords could get rejected without being seen by a human.  Professional resume writers also use keywords that help recruiters find a medical sales device resume using a search feature.  These keywords make a medical device sales resume highly searchable for recruiters and also passes the test of the programmed gatekeeper.


Professional resume writers focus on progress

Many medical device sales reps struggle with selling themselves on paper even when they have record numbers for selling products.  Just like with selling to prospects, numbers and specifics matter.  Professional resume writers know that just listing job responsibilities doesn’t work.  Medical device sales resumes that include specifics about accomplishments, like percentages and exact numbers of increased revenue see better results.  Professional resume writers include those specifics and take it a step further by shifting the focus from accomplishments to progress.  Displaying facts that show progression for a company and in the candidate’s career is the number one way professional writers get applicants hired.


Professional resume writers highlight skills that Medical Sales Representatives need

Using their experience working with medical sales reps, professional resume writers like those at Expert Business and Professional Services know which skills to highlight and which skills to exclude.  For medical device sales reps, knowing how to build relationships and effectively cold call on prospects are important skill sets.  Instead of including the list of typical skills, like detail oriented and multi-tasker, professional resume writers include skill sets that matter.  Listing the skills a candidate has that really makes them ideal for the job they are applying for is an important tool that professional resume writers always use.


Professional resume writers help medical device sales reps curate a professional online presence

Medical device sales resumes aren’t just about the resume any more.  In today’s technology driven world, the online presence of a candidate is a big part of the hiring process.  Recruiters and hiring managers need to see a professional online presence that does more than just repeat what they seen on a resume.  Professional resume writers work with a candidate to revitalize their LinkedIn profile and add information that expands upon the medical device sales resume already submitted.  This strategy allows the candidate’s online presence to become an asset to their job hunt.


Professional resume writers avoid commonly used phrases

Professional resume writers know that some commonly used phrases don’t even get a second look when they are on a medical device sales resume.  For example, it should go without saying that most sales people are results driven and dedicated.  Professional resume writers avoid using these types of phrases to help an applicant stand out.  Instead they focus on adding in specifics and verifiable facts that won’t likely be on all of the other medical device sales resumes recruiters see.


The best professional resume writers offer interview guidance

Having an excellent medical device sales resume and a nearly perfect online presence will only carry a candidate into an interview.  Once the medical device sales rep is inside the interview, their easy to read resume is long forgotten.  Since getting hired is about more than just a resume, the best professional resume writers usually offer interview guidance and preparation services.  At Expert Business and Professional Services, these practices are part of what ensure their clients get hired.  Professional resume writers that help job candidates feel confident about their interview have seen better results.


Medical device sales representatives face several challenges getting hired without getting help from a professional resume writer.  Usually companies offer great benefits packages and comfortable salaries to sales people that achieve their goals, which makes the job market extremely competitive. Since many people have sales experience, who gets the job often comes down to which candidate displayed their experience in the most appealing way. Having a medical device sales resume that shows a record of growth and dedication is more important than highlighting that an applicant is dedicated.  Professional resume writers know which words count and how to use them to get a desired outcome.  Their expertise and knowledge helps applicants who are having trouble getting hired change the details on their medical device sales resume and get different results.