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Expert Business & Professional Services knows what the requirements are for an effective LinkedIn profile, which is essentially your online resume.  We know how important LinkedIn is to your job seeking efforts.  With more than 259 million users, LinkedIn is utilized by 70% to 80% of all recruiters and more than 50% of companies as a primary source for top talent.


Recruiters or companies looking for talented employees will usually Google your name if they are interested in you.  If you have a LinkedIn profile, that link will be toward the top of the search results.  If your profile is incomplete, not updated, or stale, it may create an unfavorable impression.  That impression may determine whether you get considered for a job opportunity that you are looking for.  With extensive LinkedIn profile writing experience, we can help you improve your presence on LinkedIn.


Expert Business & Professional Services has a team of expert LinkedIn writers in Fort Lauderdale who are also current about the prime, professional opportunities that are currently available in South Florida. The Expert Business team is versed in all industries, including the core career positions that are vital in each. With this in-depth, insider knowledge, Expert Business’s professionals collaborate closely with every client in order to best illustrate their finest achievements and highlight the talents they possess that are considered valuable to have on a team.


Expert Business & Professional Services employs experienced writing professionals that are also educated in marketing, personal branding, and Human Resource management. Our team of talented writers in Fort Lauderdale is also keenly knowledgeable about what employers and recruiters are looking for in a job candidate and how to promote each client’s strengths and attributes.  The Expert Business & Professional Services team develops comprehensive career marketing packages that are specifically tailored toward the goals of each client, centered on where they strive to be professionally. Expert Business & Professional Services understands that serious job seekers need more than just a resume writer in Fort Lauderdale. Expert Business is your partner throughout your job search.


With Expert Business & Professional Services, you are enlisting the best in the industry to propel your job search and gain a definitive edge over your competition.  Our professional services guarantee you a better response rate in your job search, helping you to secure a worthwhile opportunity faster.


LinkedIn Profile Writing Fort Lauderdale: Expert Business & Professional Services is the full service industry leader that provides powerful LinkedIn Profile writing, professional branding, and effective career marketing strategy.


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