It can be tough competing in a job market during unprecedented economic hard times, so many hire a professional resume writer and career advisor. Professional resume writers and career advisors help clients separate themselves from the rest of job seekers.


During economic hard times, job seekers face plenty of competitors in the job market—even though people aren’t in an environment with many job openings. People should be prepared now for when jobs they qualify for are listed on job search websites. If someone is unemployed, a poor resume will only slow down their job search or bring it to a grinding halt. When the job market gets hot again, a job seeker will benefit from having an updated resume in hand.


State of the U.S. Labor Market

Currently, there is a 20%+ unemployment rate in the U.S. When someone does look for a job, they will have to compete with many other hopefuls. That is especially true if they live in an area hard-hit by unprecedented economic challenges. According to the New York Department of Labor, unemployment insurance claims increased by 1,398% over the past year for the week ending May 23, 2020. One of out every four American workers has filed an unemployment claim.


Content is king and someone’s resume is the first piece of content potential employers see.


Using the Resume to Make a Mid-level Career Change

Updating a resume is a frightening and discouraging time for many people. One reason is that many feel they must defer their dreams and goals. For instance, they might have been planning a mid-level career change before the unprecedented economic hard times hit and now feel that pivoting to another industry would not be a prudent choice. But what about everything they’ve been working toward in their career for months, years, or decades?

Quarantine has already lasted two and a half months in 2020. Millions of people have pressed pause and sat in limbo for all or part of this period. Meanwhile, life goes on; dreams persist. Overhauling their resume can help people do that.

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Hire an Expert Resume Writer or LinkedIn Profile Writer

When it comes to career advisement, don’t delay. There will be a stampede of people all competing for jobs and it won’t be pretty. Stampedes never are. Find an expert and trust them to do what they do best. Wondering why to hire an expert? Here are a few reasons:

Professional resume writers know the lingo. The average person knows little, if anything, about the keywords and industry language that either make a resume stand out or bury it deep to the bottom of the pile. Many companies use computerized applicant tracking systems (ATS) to hunt for specific keywords and phrases. Often a hiring manager only looks at the resumes that ATS prioritizes. Professional resume writers know which keywords and skills are ATS-friendly.

Professional resume writers can summarize. One’s narrative may be long and complicated.

Another common challenge is struggling to describe what they did at a particular job and what they accomplished while there. Resume writers know how to distill information and present it in an easy-to-read format and bulleted points.

Professional resume writers strategize. All of the work one puts into brainstorming and listing gives resume writers material to shape. They can discern how to best present one’s narrative to potential employers, how to market oneself for a career change, and whether they need more than one resume. Resume writers are excellent storytellers with specialized knowledge and strong powers of persuasion.

Professional resume writers are LinkedIn savvy. Resume writers know more than ATS. They know that LinkedIn is a key website for job seekers everywhere. A LinkedIn profile counts for a lot too. Just as one needs professional advice for writing a resume, they need professional advice for writing a LinkedIn profile.


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