Pharmaceutical sales jobs are highly sought after roles.  With that kind of demand comes a job market flooded with qualified applicants that are trying to stand out.  For both entry level pharmaceutical sales reps and seasoned veterans, getting their outstanding achievements seen by a hiring manager is difficult.  Even the most experienced and qualified pharmaceutical sales rep doesn’t get call backs without the help of a professional resume writer.

While there are many reasons that a pharmaceutical sales rep wouldn’t get called for an interview, most often it’s simply because their resume wasn’t seen or reviewed by someone who makes hiring decisions.  With the sea of applicants so big, standing out and first impressions become extremely important.  However, traditional tactics of standing out no longer work in today’s technology based hiring system.  Without a professional resume writer, it can seem like an impossible task for anyone looking to land a pharmaceutical sales job.


Are professional resume writers worth it?

Finding a pharmaceutical sales job is much more complex than before.  Presentation of achievements and accolades is of utmost importance when trying to get an interview. Resumes should convey specific achievements using the right set of keywords to get an interview.  In addition to the resume and cover letter, Recruiters often use a Google search and review LinkedIn profiles of potential applicants.  This strategy is used in the pharmaceutical sales industry to help weed out those who don’t have a specific presence or qualities the company is looking for. For these reasons, many pharmaceutical sales representatives recommend hiring a professional resume writer like those at Expert Business and Professional Services.

Ensuring that job responsibilities, achievements and sales indicators are all appropriately displayed to tell a story of success is something that professional resume writers often help with.  The best professional resume writers also offer interview resources and services that aide in creating a professional online appearance that adds to the value of a resume.  For pharmaceutical sales representatives that don’t understand the ins and outs of keywords and how to display their experience, a professional resume writer is more than worth it.


5 reasons pharmaceutical sales reps hire professional resume writers

With all of the challenges of getting a pharmaceutical sales resume seen, many applicants have chosen to hire a professional resume writer.  Those who have hired a resume writer from Expert Business and Professional Services report getting interviews almost as soon as their new resume was complete.  After the professional resume writers finished revising their pharmaceutical sales resumes, applicants said they landed a job in just weeks.  The top 5 reasons that pharmaceutical sales reps hire professional resume writers are listed below.


1 –  Professional resume writers know what lands pharmaceutical sales jobs

One of the most common reasons that pharmaceutical sales representatives hire a professional resume writer is because they have insider knowledge about what hiring managers are looking for.  Professional resume writers know which keywords computerized scanners favor, so resumes they write make it to the desk of an actual person.  In addition to having industry insight and understanding how to get seen, professional resume writers also know what the competition is putting out there.  They have experience knowing what applicants are saying and how to stand out over commonly used skill sets and bulleted lists.  Professional resume writers know what to put on a resume and how to word it so a pharmaceutical sales representative gets hired.


2 – Professional resume writers accurately display skills and experience on a pharmaceutical sales resume.

Professional resume writers know that how skills and accomplishments are presented is key to getting an interview. Accomplishments and responsibilities that are listed as broad or general statements do little to impress hiring managers.  Professional resume writers know how to include details that leave a lasting impression with hiring managers.  Using details and specifics to illustrate professional growth, professional resume writers know how to get a hiring manager interested and get an interview for a pharmaceutical sales rep.


3 – Professional resume writers understand keywords.

Most people looking for a pharmaceutical sales job understand that using the right keywords will advance them to the next level but what they lack is the knowledge about which keywords and how to use them.  Professional resume writers are experienced with keywords and job postings.  They utilize their experience and knowledge to include the right keywords to get seen.  Using a professional resume writer gives pharmaceutical sales reps an edge, because their resume already includes what the computerized scanners and managers are looking for.


4 – Without a professional resume writer, pharmaceutical sales representatives don’t stand out.

Most pharmaceutical sales reps know how to write a resume.  They list their objective, where they worked and what they did when they were there.  Usually they know to format it correctly and word their accomplishments and skills in an impressive way, but they don’t know how to make it stand out.  Professional resume writers know that hiring managers are only scanning these documents and utilize that to their advantage. They use industry language and placement on the page to capture the attention of the hiring manager and ultimately help applicants land jobs.


5 – Professional resume writers do more than just list skills for pharmaceutical sales applicants

An excellent pharmaceutical sales resume will only get an applicant an interview.  Usually before the interview applicants are searched online and their LinkedIn profile is viewed at the very least.  If applicants haven’t invested the time it takes to update their online presence their chances at getting the job could diminish.  Professional resume writers are familiar with what hiring managers want to see online and in the interview.  Applicants who hire professional resume writers like those at Expert Business and Professional Services are offered a full range of options that often include interview help and making an online presence more professional.



Professional resume writers provide a service that many pharmaceutical sales reps take advantage of.   With their help, applicants who weren’t getting calls back report finally getting interviews.  The knowledge and expertise that professional resume writers have allows them to produce a resume that gets seen.  After an interview is secured, professional resume writers should take it a step further and offer additional services to help a candidate prepare.  With a top quality resume and interview help from a professional at Expert Business and Professional Services, many pharmaceutical representatives do get the job of their dreams.