If you’re already starting to hate the holidays for draining your bank account while you don’t have a job, there is still a plus side to the season.
The holiday months of November and December are prime times to get out to the multitude of networking events while companies are tidying up their budgets for the next year, according to Ford R. Myers, a career coach from Haverford, Pa. So putting yourself in front of hiring managers before the new year starts, and before competition for an empty position heightens, can’t hurt.
So, Myers offers a number of tips on how to job hunt with bells on, including networking. With most of the networking events during the holidays being of the more cheerful kind, Myers suggests leaving the resume at home.
Instead, go with the light-hearted social nature of the event. That doesn’t mean you should chat up a hiring manager under some mistletoe, but leaving business cards instead of full portfolios of work is probably the most tactful strategy.
Speaking of cards, send some holiday ones while you’re at it. Include search firms, human resource people and other managers you’ve spoken to in the past during job hunts. Myers recommends to not write about the job search in your card, but something simple and friendly. Also, picking a nondenominational card works best. The point of the card is to remind those contacts that you exist, so make sure you have a return address on the card.
‘Tis also the season for volunteering. Many organizations and non-profits can use an extra set of hands during the holidays, and where there are volunteers, there are also other people. Not only does volunteering help a cause, but it also can help instill a sense of productivity as well as meeting other professionals.
So while many job seekers may take a break from the hunt to enjoy the holiday season, use that opportunity to step in and make some strides on finding a job.

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