After six years of owning, operating and successfully selling my own business, I faced the daunting task of returning to a regular 9-5 “corporate” job. My first and probably most massive hurdle was to create a resume from scratch as it had been more than 10 years since I had been on a job interview or for that matter applied for a job. I found Sandy through a Google search and was impressed with the online reviews so I contacted her.


From the first email and phone conversations, I was impressed, email response time was very quick and Sandy explained the whole process in a simple and easy to understand manner. We met twice to complete the two versions of my resume and also a LinkIn profile, not an easy task as I had given Sandy a ton of information about my experience in both the corporate world and as a small business owner, she took all of it and captured the most important aspects of my experience, in a professional and captivating manner.


Once this was all completed I quickly started circulating my resume around and also reconnecting with corporate colleagues on LinkedIn, I received loads of good feedback on the resume and the profile, including from some VP’s of Human Resources at several large firms. Shortly after I began the job application process, following the traditional process of applying online at the company’s website etc…I have always been weary of this process as I am afraid my resume will be scanned by a computer and tossed away, never to be seen by an actual human. In any case on my fourth application online, I received a phone call back from a recruiter for a position with Citigroup, I completed the phone interview and then did in-person interviews
and within a week I received an offer, which I took.


I realize this is not the norm when it comes to job hunting and I am sure some luck played a part in it, but I am confident that my resume made it through the online process and into the hands of the hiring manager, thanks to Sandy and her outstanding ability to create resumes. Thanks to Sandy and her team for the excellent work they did, from now on anytime I need my resume updated, I will use Sandy for sure. Thank you!

Marketing Director, Fort Lauderdale, FL