After two very long years, I have just received an incredible offer for a Customer Service Operations Manager position at mid-sized paper manufacturer near Madison, Wisconsin. Once the ball got rolling, everything fell into place quickly. The company loved the resume, I had two telephone interviews that went almost two hours each, they flew me up to visit with them two weeks ago where I had four personal interviews, then, my background check was completed yesterday. Today they offered me a compensation package that was beyond what I was expecting. Apparently, my skills and my references proved to them I was exactly who they needed. This position is almost as if it was tailored for me and my skills. It is in the first choice of cities my wife and I targeted, and the people at the company are so down to earth and outgoing. Looking back at all the disappointments and frustrations over the last two years, it is obvious that my timing was just off, I could have wound up at a company I didn’t really like, but could use as a vehicle to relocate, or I could have waited for this opportunity that is almost exactly what I want and needed. I’d like to thank you for your help and advice during my search.
I could not have done this without you!

Director of Call Center Operations, Madison, WI