Fine-tuning an Outdated Resume and LinkedIn Profile is Key to A New
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With more and more companies moving into the South Florida area, fabulous job opportunities are located right here in the heart of your community. Making a great impression on a potential employer begins with a professional and unique resume, followed by a strong and clear social media presence. can help you update or even create your first resume or social media profile, such as a LinkedIn profile. Our expert writers bring years of resume writing experience, and our company is well versed on the importance of a proficient and solid social media profile in today’s job market.

MyExpertResume’s Unique LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Can Help Land Interviews in Broward County

LinkedIn profiles are key when presenting yourself to recruiters as a strong and qualified candidate. For those serious about finding a new career, a professional LinkedIn profile is crucial. This major social networking site has almost 300 million members and is used by almost 80 percent of recruiters! Many recruiters and hiring managers will search your name on the internet in hopes of learning more about you; wouldn’t it be great for your eye-catching and comprehensive LinkedIn profile to come up immediately in search results?

Our LinkedIn expertise includes:

  • Creation of a concise, professional and search-engine optimized profile
  • Increased visibility and searchability of your profile
  • Increased number of job opportunities and LinkedIn leads

In addition to crafting a unique LinkedIn profile, our writers are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to constructing the ideal resume for your experience and industry level. In addition, resume clients who also want an updated LinkedIn profile, can receive this service at a discounted rate. Here are a few types of resumes we create for clients:


  • Student resumes – Eliminating the Catch 22 of needing a job but having little to no job experience, students benefit from our services because we hone in on their skills based on coursework, extracurricular activities and unique personality traits.  These features entice employers to hire an up-and-coming member of the workforce. Get on an employer’s radar as soon as possible, before your peers hit the pavement at the same time; let our services be your competitive edge.


  • Professional Mid-Career resumes – These types of resumes cater to those individuals with a diverse work history, body of knowledge and skill set looking to make a change, but don’t know how. Rather than stay in a comfort zone, will educate the candidate on current trends in the desired industry and put together a cover letter and resume that is reflective of accomplishments and expertise without unnecessary filler. We strip away the layers of your work experience to reveal your possible directions in professional advancement.


  • Federal resumes and Military resumes – Government and military sectors are still one of the country’s best employers, and often come with excellent benefits. These industries have their own set of rules and language. We have the knowledge to align your resume and qualifications with the language and culture that surrounds these job opportunities. is so successful with its clients, we are proud to announce a 5-Star review rating on Google and Yahoo, as well as a 67% referral rate. Call Expert Business & Professional Services today at 954-236-9558 or visit for more information.


From high quality resumes and cover letters to career counseling and professional coaching, we offer top-notch services with proven results. If you are in need of professional enhancement services, job placement, updated resumes and more, call us today at 954-236-9558 or visit for more information.



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