We have received updates from many of our clients this year on their recent success securing job interviews through the power of social media. I wanted to take a moment to share some strategies that have proven successful.


  • Extend your resume and presence beyond job applications and career sites by creating a profile on Linkedin.com – it is a Must for all professionals today.  Post relevant updates on your timeline.  Share out information and use the rich features of the site to engage and connect with others such as recruiters and hiring managers.  Leverage yourself and learn about others. (Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume content match up – discrepancies between the two look unprofessional)


  • You should consider joining Twitter to follow others and keep up with trends on what is happening in your industry geographic area. Follow specific companies, recruiters, and placement firms because they Tweet job openings/availabilities. Twitter gives you direct access to the recruiter/decision maker that is potentially searching for “you” to fill their job position. Keep your tweets or posts professional, positive, and up-beat.


  • Review your Facebook page. Make it as private as possible. Remove anything that relates to religion, politics and sexuality. Disconnect your Facebook account from the professional version of you.  (Facebook “Is Not” a good place for maintaining professional connections.)


Follow these tips and stay competitive against your competition using LinkedIn and Twitter.