News of massive layoffs and potential recession cause panic and uncertainty. It’s also a valuable reminder to keep your resume always updated.

Despite negative news, your job search shouldn’t come to a halt. The most popular hiring months are January and February, during the first fiscal quarter (Q1).

The good news is that Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale, is enjoying immense job growth despite national trends. In fact, Fort Lauderdale has a 2.8% unemployment rate, down two percent from the previous year. Florida as a whole has one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates.

Whether you’re looking to transition into a new career, grow your current professional path, or prep your resume ahead of a recession, hiring a resume writer can get you where you want to be faster.


What is a resume writer?

A resume writer is an expert at crafting a resume. Many specialize in certain types of resumes and have industry knowledge essential to tailoring it for a job posting. That means more (and better) job opportunities for you!

A good resume writer will work directly with you to develop a competitive, top-performing resume that captures your voice and brand.


Why do you need a resume writer?

The hiring process isn’t as simple as it used to be. If your resume isn’t applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly, it means your resume can be rejected before the hiring team even looks at it. And even if they do? They’ll look at it for seven seconds max. Every word counts.

Online applications have made job searching more accessible but has also allowed for more competition for each job posting. If you use LinkedIn, you’ll notice the number of applicants on each listing. It isn’t uncommon to see 200 or more applications submitted to ONE listing.

Having a competitive resume that stands out isn’t going above and beyond anymore; it’s a requirement if you’re in the job market.


As a bonus…resume writing services qualify as career expenses and can be a tax write-off! 


Why can’t I just use an online template or write it from scratch on my own?

Free templates are a great resource for modeling your resume. But without insider knowledge, you’re missing out on crucial techniques and information that can get your resumes in front of recruiters and hiring managers faster.

Many industries also look for specific skill sets or key phrases. Having someone who knows the industry craft your resume can bring your most desirable skill sets to the forefront. Resume writers look at your previous experience, skills, certifications, and more to determine what is most important to showcase.

If you have limited time, rewriting your own resume can take a long time. That means you can miss out on unique opportunities by being unprepared. Hiring a resume writer who can work with you helps ensure that you never miss out on the perfect opportunity when it arises.

If you’ve tried applying to jobs with your homemade resume without luck, there may be something missing that a resume writer can identify and fix.


Are there different kinds of resumes?

Resumes vary widely, and your resume depends on your professional needs.

  • Student: For newcomers to the job market, student resumes are a great starting point for any career.
  • Mid-Level: For professionals already seasoned in their career who need a boost to secure new opportunities and promotions.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device: Includes all jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, including pharmacists, medical sales, biotechnical fields, or medical device industries.
  • Manager: If you’re looking for a manager position or want to move up in your current position, a resume highlighting your managerial experience is essential.
  • Information Technology (IT): Do you work in IT or another technical field? You need a comprehensive resume with all of your certifications and qualifications.
  • Federal: Federal government jobs are competitive and have intense ATS systems looking for specific keywords. Resumes tailored to federal job postings can ensure that they are seen by hiring teams.
  • Military: Fort Lauderdale has a large military presence. For those with military service who wish to move up in the ranks or transition back to civilian life.
  • Executive: Want to target CEO, CFO, or another higher-tier position within a company? You need a resume written to highlight your accomplishments in running an entire company.


What other services do resume writers offer?

Besides perfectly crafted resumes, resume writers often offer additional services to boost their chances of landing additional opportunities.

  • LinkedIn profiles: LinkedIn is an online active resume and often a first stop for hiring managers. A great LinkedIn profile actively draws attention and recruiters to your inbox.
  • Cover letters: Even if your resume is immaculate, a sloppy cover letter can ruin your best efforts.
  • Thank you letters: Following-up an interview with a thank you letter will leave a positive impression on the interview team and keep your name at the top of the candidate list.
  • Interview training: Struggling with interviews can repeatedly shut the door on opportunities you qualify for. With training, you can gain practice and confidence for your next interview.
  • Salary requirements: Advocate for your salary needs by writing in your salary requirements if the job posting requires you to do so and ensure you keep the door open for negotiation.
  • Letters of resignation: When leaving a position, it is best to give your employer a professional letter of resignation to avoid burning bridges. Writing a professional resignation maintains valuable connections with your old employer, like recommendations.
  • Online application assistance: Modern job applications can be lengthy and intimidating. Need help navigating applications? Resume writers are also knowledgeable about the whole application progress.


Need resume writing services in Florida?

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