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In recent years, LinkedIn has become an increasingly persuasive tool for job seekers looking to market themselves and develop a personal brand. It is just as essential these days for the job seeker to build and maintain a strong LinkedIn profile, as it is to send potential employers a resume. This online professional network has gone from being known as an online resume and networking site to becoming a valuable resource to achieve professional distinguishability and advancement.


Today, LinkedIn has over 380 million members, and it operates in over 200 countries and territories, making it the world’s largest professional network. There are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn, and they are the network’s fastest growing demographic.


By maintaining a complete profile, job seekers can maximize all that LinkedIn has to offer to promote their professional attributes. Utilizing the right keywords in a profile will not only increase visibility, but also can go far in presenting a job seeker as the ideal candidate in a particular field; increasing their chances of finding opportunities.


Expert Business & Professional Services specializes in creating comprehensive LinkedIn profiles with solid content that includes the job seeker’s career history, education, well-rounded strengths and accomplishments, and affiliations. Expert Business also applies the strategic input of custom characters fonts and layouts, as well as keywords that will deliver optimized visibility and results for client who are looking to advance their careers.


Resume Writer Fort Lauderdale: A LinkedIn profile enhances the traditional resume, providing an online presence to prospective employers. LinkedIn members can stay current on trends happening within various industries.


Expert Business & Professional Services has extensive experience in the development of LinkedIn profiles and provides it as part of the overall marketing package offered to job seeking clients. An effective LinkedIn profile also works to increase credibility and market one’s professional value. It provides potential employers the ability to quickly identify the unique strengths and talents of possible candidates.


As a resource, LinkedIn allows members to stay connected to large networks of contacts. The networking opportunities on LinkedIn are unmatched, and can really open doors. Members who take advantage of the site’s networking capabilities often uncover an increased number of leads and job opportunities for even high level executive professionals.


Resume Writer Ft. Lauderdale: Presenting a resume to Fort Lauderdale employers isn’t enough to land a coveted position in today’s competitive age. A LinkedIn profile offers an effective online presence that allows job seekers to gain an aggressive edge.


Fact: Almost 80% of all job openings are posted on LinkedIn. Additionally, almost half of those job postings are not even posted elsewhere. Those without a LinkedIn profile are missing out on a large percentage of career opportunities. Employers prefer finding top-notch, eligible talent on LinkedIn, which means an up-to-date and powerful profile will capture the attention of prospective employers. Expert Business & Professional Services provides just that – a persuasive and content rich profile that allows candidates to shine.


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