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Expert Business & Professional Services is the one-stop shop to build the best career search campaign. Are you looking for a professional resume writer in Fort Lauderdale, or do you need help developing a more visible online presence? These days, a professional social media presence is an effective career tool that is relied upon by recruiters for finding qualified job candidates. Is your online profile sending the best message to those looking to hire?


An effective online profile in addition to a powerful resume is the key to optimum visibility. Expert Business & Professional Services is the leader in creating professional LinkedIn profiles in Fort Lauderdale as well as the partner to enlist for a masterfully crafted and attention grabbing resume in Fort Lauderdale. A well-written resume and online LinkedIn profile will help recruiters see all you have to offer. In a fast-paced job market, if your personal strengths aren’t out there for recruiters to see, someone else’s will be. Catch every opportunity with the help of Expert Business & Professional Services, your career search partner and resume writer in Fort Lauderdale.


Resume Fort Lauderdale: Trust Expert Business & Professional Services with the Development of Your Professional Branding Strategy.


With more than 15 years of job market and industry knowledge, Expert Business & Professional Services knows what it takes to achieve success. Our professional writers collaborate with our clients individually so that they may develop an effective branding strategy that will market the candidate’s talents effectively. By determining your strengths in your field of expertise, we use our expertise to bring those details to the forefront to show recruiters what skills you possess and what experience you bring to the table. Our passion is helping you succeed by offering:



  • Professional Resume and Cover Letter Creation
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Military Resumes
  • Follow Up, Thank You, and Resignation Preparation
  • Job Placement Services and Search Strategies
  • Interview Training
  • Career Counseling



LinkedIn Profiles Fort Lauderdale: An Online Presence Has Tremendous Value in Your Job Search. Get Noticed With the Help of Expert Business & Professional Services Today!


Times are changing and the methods companies use to recruit employees is changing as well. Currently, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional resources used by recruiters and those looking to employ top talent. A well-written and regularly maintained profile on LinkedIn provides significant visibility to those looking to hire. Expert Business & Professional Services, the leader in developing professional LinkedIn profiles in Fort Lauderdale, knows that without a polished and updated profile, you run the risk of missing opportunities and selling yourself short in your career search. Our clients trust us to highlight their skills and experience while facilitating the growth of a network of connections for them. With 94% of companies using social media to recruit, isn’t it time to establish a LinkedIn profile to work for you?


Let Expert Business develop the best strategy for you that will open the door of opportunity.  Contact Expert Business & Professional Services today, at: (954) 236 – 9558, or visit:, to learn how we can help guide you toward future success.