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Today’s job market is incredibly fast paced and recruiters are using more innovative tools than ever to market qualified candidates. Statistics show that presently, both recruiters and employers rely heavily on social media in their recruitment efforts.


Expert Business & Professional Services develops effective LinkedIn profiles for Fort Lauderdale clients, helping them attain a tangible edge in their professional market. LinkedIn is one of the most prominent career marketing tools with open access online, and professionals who utilize it understand that keeping their profiles updated and compelling is an essential part of successful marketing and branding strategies.


For recruiters, LinkedIn provides a goldmine of talent. One of the primary differences between a good and a great recruiting source is the ratio of passive over active prospects that populate it. Although both types of prospects are desirable, those who are not actively looking for a job (the so-called passives) are much harder to find and communicate with. With so many eyes on both passive and active prospects, it’s no wonder why so many looking to update their LinkedIn profiles in Fort Lauderdale are turning to Expert Business & Professional Services for their expertise.


Resume Fort Lauderdale: Why Recruiters are Using LinkedIn, and Why Professionals Need to Up Their Online Game.


Recruiters are looking for qualified candidates to fill exceptional positions and regularly seek them out on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn offers a great forum to connect with coworkers while displaying talents and accolades, it also is a home to an abundance of opportunity. Professionals are recognizing that LinkedIn’s influence is much greater than originally anticipated, and it’s wise to take advantage of this powerful professional medium.


For career savvy individuals who have been considering having someone polish their LinkedIn profile in Fort Lauderdale, Expert Business & Professional Services is certainly the authority to solicit. The team of experts at this firm knows exactly what recruiters are looking for and will craft a tailored and professional LinkedIn presence for each client. Expert Business & Professional Services has more than 15 years of stellar service and success in this field. Each client receives undivided, one-on-one attention that focuses on the details that yield results.


Fort Lauderdale Resume: Clean and Professional LinkedIn Profiles are Just One of Many Services Offered by these Top Branding Specialists.


Expert Business & Professional Services offers a host of career building services to clients. In addition to LinkedIn Profiles, they also customize professional resumes, cover letters, correspondence, and letters of resignation. Services do not stop on paper, as Expert Business also offers job placement services, job search strategies, interview training, and career counseling.  When it’s time to put your best foot forward, trust the pros at Expert Business & Professional Services when seeking a resume in Fort Lauderdale, or a makeover for your LinkedIn profile in Fort Lauderdale. Call Expert Business & Professional Services today at: (954) 236 – 9558, or visit: to learn more.