Results Oriented Keywords
 All employers are looking for employees who will add value and generate positive results for their organization. That’s why it’s critical to integrate results oriented language into your resume and cover letter. Think about the bottom line for each job on your resume and how you might have made things better in your role.
Your resume should showcase your accomplishments, not just your skills or personal qualities. Results oriented words are most effective when coupled with some numbers which quantify your impact as in “I reduced turnover amongst first year hires by 24% by implementing a mentoring system.” By using these types of keywords you are clearing showing what you accomplished in your previous roles.
Examples of results oriented keywords include: increased; reduced; redesigned; upgraded; initiated; implemented; reformulated; generated; and produced.
Recognition Keywords
Hiring managers will be more likely to believe that you will be an outstanding performer if it is clear that previous employers have viewed you in this way. One way to do this is to incorporate language which demonstrates that employers have recognized your contributions.
 Ideally, recognition phrases will include the type of individual who noted your achievement and the basis for your recognition. For example, one might say:
  • “Designated as the team leader for the budget reduction taskforce by Division Vice President based on previous record of 18% cost savings year-to-date.”

Recognition keywords attest to how you have excelled in your previous jobs and how you have accomplished more than was required.

Examples of recognition related keywords include: honored; awarded; promoted; selected; received a bonus for; recognized; chosen; and credited.