Expert Business & Professional Services is a full service career services company with the expertise to market the skills of military professionals successfully, and help them land promising civilian careers. Call today: (954) 236 – 9558.


Expert Business & Professional Services offers expert resources and assistance in military transition marketing and civilian career searches. Expert Business & Professional Services’ team of writers develops professional resumes that prepares military service members in entering the civilian workforce. They work to aggressively market candidates by promoting their special training, experience, and qualifications.


Our skilled team provides job seekers with valuable knowledge about the current job market, so they know what to anticipate during the career search process. This is an extremely beneficial part of our services, as most military professionals who are transitioning back to civilian life haven’t had to search for a job for a very long period of time.


Another essential part of Expert Business’s valuable services includes assisting candidates with their transition, so they can manage it with confidence and make a positive impression on prospective employers. Expert Business’s primary goal is to provide candidates with resources that will empower them to be competitive and successful in landing a worthwhile career in the civilian job sector.


Expert Business’s professional team has extensive knowledge about all types of military careers and job skills, and also has proficiency and experience in a wide variety of industries in the civilian sector. They have exactly what it takes to promote qualified talent in many central positions, including:

  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Executive and Managerial
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Technical/IT
  • Engineering
  • Education


Expert Business & Professional Services uncovers opportunities for military service members where their unique skills and experience can be utilized successfully. 


Military professionals complete rigorous and extensive training to acquire the skills necessary to perform a wide range of military duties. They are trained to excel in very specialized jobs. These skills sets are distinctive from those that most civilian job candidates have, and many times the capacity in which these unique skill sets can be applied in the civilian workforce is undervalued. Expert Business & Professional Services specializes in translating how the skills acquired in the military can be valuable in the civilian workforce, and our team assists military professionals in achieving great levels of success in the civilian job sector.


LinkedIn profile Fort Lauderdale:  Enhance your Fort Lauderdale resume, with an effective online presence to prospective employers. 


Expert Business & Professional Services also specializes in the development of LinkedIn profiles and offers it to candidates as part of our overall marketing package. An effective LinkedIn profile helps create visibility in the job market for candidates, and it also:

  • Increases the job seeker’s credibility
  • Promotes the job seeker’s value, skills, strengths, and talents
  • Results in an increased number of leads and job opportunities


Expert Business & Professional Services creates LinkedIn profiles with solid content that includes career history and education, accomplishments and affiliations.  Utilizing effective keywords in each individual profile, Expert Business delivers distinguishability that is optimized and produces results.


Call Expert Business & Professional Services today at: (954) 236 – 9558, or visit:, to learn more about each of the important components that go into creating a powerful and convincing marketing package that is specifically designed for you to transition as a military professional to the civilian workforce. We will develop your personal brand that will set you apart from the competition, and find the opportunities that are right for you.