One of the things our son’s baseball coach drilled into his players was:

“Learn the fundamentals!”

Be it baseball or job search, learning the fundamentals will serve you well in the long run, and in the short run. Of course, we all want to hit a home run and knock it outta’ the park as a participant in either of these games. For some, though, when it comes to the sport of job hunting, sometimes the fundamentals fall short and job seekers strike out trying to get on base. Consider these few tips below.

Fielding: Are you well positioned to be where the opportunities are or are you out in left field when you might have a better chance if you hustled more and moved from your spot? Are you coordinating the various elements of the job search with your teammates or are you trying to play the job hunt game solo? Are you a good team player and do you provide direct evidence of that at networking events and professional interviews? Do you anticipate tough questions or are you surprised when a tricky one comes your way?

Throwing: Throwing can be a key ingredient to your job search success. Have you thrown yourself into the job search process with a sustained positive, optimistic attitude? Are you demonstrating quickness and accuracy in job search activities? Are you throwing a good game using all of the resources, tools, and connections available to you? Are you using your time and talents wisely to throw your best game in an effort to snag a job? Are you showing control as you play the job-seeking game?

Speed: Are you using speed and agility to your advantage in the job search process? In order to improve your chances of scoring a job, are you doing your best to know your competition and do what you need to do to cover the job search landscape? Do you manage each day with the goal of achieving the maximum possible, or do you mosey along without much direction or motivation to win? Are you making sure your skills are current and up-to-date, not only in the social media realm, but in all facets of your career so you won’t get picked off base?

Hitting for Power: A five-tool job search player ‘must be able to hit for power.’ Does this well represent you and your brand? Do you have high slugging percentages when it comes to getting interviews and talking about the product — you — under duress and pressure? Are you tracking the statistics of your job search? Are you doing everything within your power and control to hit a home run on a consistent basis?

Hitting for Average: While hitting it out of the park is important, it is also important to strive for a ‘high batting average’ when it comes to interviewing, in particular. Stay patient. Be consistent. Don’t give up on yourself, or the game! It will most likely take you a few interviews before you land on home plate. Are you willing to embrace many different strategies to win the job? Are you open-minded and willing to change? Are you willing to seek out guidance and help to perfect your job search game, or do you already know all there is to know? What can you do today to improve your game and your chances?

In summary, are you a “can’t miss” job search player?

—Career Hub