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Expert Business is The Premier Choice When You Need to Make Your First Impression Count

Choosing a Professional Resume Service | Make Your First Impression CountBe sure you choose the right, qualified professional resume writer to do your work for you. Ask questions about their credentials and get specific ideas about your particular situation. The best recipe for success is to choose a professional resume writer who you feel:

  • Has the Credentials and Experience with Individuals in Your Field of Work
  • You Have a Good Working Rapport With – Essential to Work Effectively Together in Order to Produce the Best Results
  • Will Provide You with Significant Value in the Finished Product for the Price you Pay

I am so very happy with your work. I love the Profile and Areas of Expertise. I keep reading it over and over, amazed at how the wording makes all the difference.I am kicking myself that I did not do this sooner! -S.W., Sydney, Australia


For the same reason Coca-Cola®, Walt Disney™ Microsoft®, and Google™ use one, except they call them advertising agencies. That’s right! When they want their products to create excitement and capture market share, they hire the professionals who can make it happen. A knowledgeable professional resume writer can do the same, effectively marketing each client’s unique qualifications in the most positive light.
A professionally written resume will dramatically increase your response rate and substantially shorten your job search time. Whether you are out of work, ready for a new job, or searching for the perfect opportunity, your resume must make the phone ring. An Expert resume guarantees you interviews – the greatest challenge everyone faces in today’s highly competitive market.

Our process ensures your resume is as unique as you are. We work with you one-on-one through a personal interview and consultation to gather relevant information and impressions that enable us to paint the right portrait of who you are and the strategic value you offer. Our clients receive interviews almost immediately and find positions in 68% less time than average.

Work directly with one of our experts. For over 15 years, we have written powerful resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters to help numerous professionals advance their careers. We identify, pinpoint, and highlight your unique skills and qualifications, uncover your individual strengths and assets, and create strategic marketing tools that position you above the competition. We will provide you with quality support and cutting-edge advice on the best professional job search strategies.


What Can You Expect from an Expert Resume Writer?

Just how much practice have you had writing a resume?

How good are you at selling yourself on paper? Your resume is the most important tool in the job search. It is one of the few documents that can literally change your life. Do you really want your resume prepared by an amateur or with the help of one of those “do-it-yourself” books that are already outdated when they hit the book store?

The style, content and organization of your resume can and does make a difference. As you know, 95% of all employment interviews are granted only after the company has reviewed the candidate’s resume. The right opportunity can be lost if the first impression drawn by the company comes from an improperly prepared resume.

Not only do we provide superior professionally written resumes, but intimate knowledge of job search strategies, techniques and resources, strong cover letters and supporting documents, as well as interview training assistance if needed. In short, an Expert to help you in one of the most important aspects of your life and your career.

The bottom line is results and you are a master at presenting the right skills and strengths to get me the interviews. -C.B., Davie, FL

Do You Really Know What to Say To Catch the Attention of an Over-Worked Manager Staring at A Pile of 700+ Resumes?

Once you start the job search, you have begun the process of strategically marketing the most important product of your life…. You, Your Skills, and Your Experience. As with any product, you must look and sound as good or better than your competition.

You don’t want to make a prospective employer dig for information about you, when you’ve got about 30 seconds to get their attention. A resume is a reflection of you on paper and as such, must be clear and concise with instant communication impact. Your professionally written resume will pay off in great dividends and should therefore be thought of as an investment in yourself, rather than an expense. Having a professionally written resume is the first tangible step toward making you more successful and more wealthy.

Even in today’s economy, with signs of continual recession, there are many opportunities. You can uncover them or create them if you have a strategic career marketing campaign. Depend on our expertise to help you define and articulate your unique value in your resume, cover letters, and job search. When we write your resume and cover letter, you will get interviews! To help you win lucrative job offers, we’ll coach you every step of the way. We offer a wide variety of job services including interview and salary negotiation training, as well as job placement.

Our service is for those that expect to receive a very high level of quality and for those individuals who take their careers seriously and understand the importance of a strong resume in today’s competitive job market. We will conduct a personalized, in-depth one-on-one interview in which we delve into your background and discover your skills, achievements, job duties and significant accomplishments, and take an inventory of your credentials. After your “portrait” is developed, you will receive a draft of a powerfully phrased document with lots of eye-appeal, guaranteed to generate interviews… which is what a professionally written resume is supposed to do.




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