DELAND, FL — There are literally thousands of online job boards and niche career websites online these days. Before you jump onto your computer and start posting your resume, make sure you develop your 2010 job search strategy. When putting together your plan, identify what kind of job boards will be best for your search.

If you are one of those job searchers that do not want your current employer to see that your resume has been posted online, make sure to use the confidentiality feature when submitting your resume. For deciding which job boards will be best for your search, it’s important to understand the 4 basic types of job boards/job sites out there.

1.      National job boards like and These sites have a massive number of job listings.

2.    Regional job boards are great for searching for a job in a specific location.

3.     Industry-specific job boards (also called niche job sites). Just about every industry and profession has one industry-specific job board.

4.    Company career centers and corporate websites. More and more employers are expanding their corporate sites to include job listings and the capability to accept resumes directly from job seekers.  

—Abridged: Quintessential Careers