Executive resumes often lack a few key elements that help secure an interview.  It’s not uncommon for there to be several small problems with an executive resume that contribute to a hiring manager looking it over and tossing it to the side.  Professional resume writers know which changes to make to an executive resume to get an interview.

Candidates who apply for an executive level position are typically well-versed in their industry and have moved up through the ranks.  Since most applicants at this level in their career already have a long list of accomplishments and skill sets, many executive resumes look the same and repeat the same information.  It can be hard for candidates to write an executive resume that stands out among many other top executives vying for the same opening.

With so many applicants evenly matched, it’s vital that an executive resume does more than prove experience and list accomplishments.  Part of the problem with most executive resumes is that they lack what employers need to see to sway their decision.  A professional resume writer, like those at Expert Business and Professional Services, can help a candidate create an executive resume that impresses hiring managers.


7 problems with executive resumes that professional resume writers can fix

Executive resumes need to help decision makers have a clear choice.  At the executive level, a list of accolades and responsibilities will do little to make a candidate seem like a good fit.  To impress a hiring manager with an executive resume, it must make them feel like they have found the perfect applicant for the job.  This is about culture and professional growth as much as it is the bottom line.  Executive resumes that have these 7 problems don’t help solidify a decision but instead get tossed aside.


Formatting and placement issues with executive resumes

Professional resume writers recognize the importance of using placement on the page to tell a story.  Most executive resumes are reviewed for less than 30 seconds before a decision is made about moving the candidate on to the next round of the hiring process.  Professional resume writers use this to their advantage and appropriately place important pieces of information that work together to leave a lasting impression after a quick scan.


Executive resumes that don’t get seen

In most cases, when an applicant doesn’t get a call back for an interview, it’s because their executive resume did not make it past the first rounds of review.  Some executive resumes don’t make it to the eyes of a person at all but instead are discounted by a computerized scanner.  As one of the biggest issues with executive resumes, this problem is a big one for qualified candidates.  Professional resume writers specialize in knowing what keywords the computerized scanners are looking for.  Using their expertise, professional resume writers include the keywords needed to get an executive resume to the desk of a decision maker.


Poorly listed accomplishments on executive resumes

Professional resume writers know that executive resumes with a simple list of accomplishments won’t impress anyone.  Most everyone qualified for an executive level position has a long list of accomplishments that are often similar to other candidates.  For this reason, accomplishments of a candidate should be listed in a way that draws attention and creates curiosity.  Professional resume writers like those at Expert Business and Professional Services know how to make a list of accomplishments a selling point for an applicant.


Executive resumes that fail to tell a story of professional growth

Executive resumes should clearly demonstrate professional growth in an industry.  Often those applying don’t know how to tell the story of their growth and stick to listing general facts.  The generalized facts may seem like a good choice, but those same general facts typically exist on more than one executive resume.  Using a professional resume writer can ensure that an executive resume is written in a way that demonstrates professional growth and their personal brand.


Not highlighting skill sets that matter on executive resumes

It can be difficult for potential employers to pick out skill sets they are looking for if they aren’t appropriately highlighted on an executive resume. Core skill sets that help executives manage their time and business operations are often overlooked if they are mixed into job responsibilities and accolades. Professional resume writers highlight the skill sets employers are looking for so they can easily see that a candidate has what it takes to become part of their team.


Excluding what employers need to see on executive resumes

Employers don’t need to see a list of responsibilities from every job a candidate has had since college.  For executive resumes, it’s more professional to highlight a record of progression than every duty and accomplishment.  Professional resume writers know what parts of a career to include on a executive resume and which parts to leave out.


No professional online presence to go with an executive resume

Executive resumes aren’t the only thing employers look at when they are making a hiring decision.  They often search LinkedIn and Google to get a better sense of what type of person the candidate is before they make their offers.  Applicants that don’t have a professional online presence that adds to their executive resume often fall short.  Professional resume writers recognize that a professional online appearance should be an asset to an executive resume.



Professional resume writers have experience knowing what employers are looking for and how to present it on executive resumes.  They understand that a resume should present a full picture of professional growth while remaining concise and informational.  A top quality professional resume writer like those at Expert Business and Professional Services will be able to fix common issues that executive resumes have.  Since overcoming these obstacles may be the only thing standing between a candidate and their dream job, professional resume writers are essential to getting an executive resume noticed and an applicant hired.