4 Ways Professional Resume Writers Help with Career Transitions

Making a career transitions is difficult without the help of a professional resume writer.  Candidates in a career transition have often spent several years in one industry and lack the skills to sell themselves in a context different than what they have been doing.  Professional resume writers are trained to think outside the box and tell a story with a resume. This means they don’t have trouble selling the candidate based on their skills, regardless of what job they are looking for.

This is most advantageous for job seekers that want to transition careers.  While most people in the middle of a career transition do have transferrable skills, it may be hard for them to see how their past experience could be utilized in their new role.  This makes it quite difficult to create a resume that reflects how they could use their skills to succeed after their career transition.  Resume writers see skills for skills instead of in the context of how they were used in the past.  This makes hiring a resume writer to help present a skillset in a new and different way vital when changing careers.


How do professional resume writers create a resume for a career transition?

Candidates may find it difficult to talk about their accomplishments in a way that makes them a shoe-in for their new position.  Top rated resume writers, like those at Expert Business and Professional Services, work with a candidate to not only revamp their resume but also to prepare them for an interview.  By doing this, they help a job seeker feel confident that their experience does make them qualified for their new position and ensure they know how to present it when they are in an interview.  During a career transition, a candidate should be able to clearly articulate how their previous experience set them up to be excellent at the job they are applying for.

Resume writers are experts at spinning past experience into a future career.  To help facilitate a career transition, they use their knowledge and expertise to identify transferrable skills and focus on highlighting those in the resume for the new job.  A resume writer helping with a career transition should be experienced with writing resumes for the industry that the new career is in.  They will need to capitalize on their knowledge of industry language and phrases to make the candidate seem like a good fit.  Knowing an industry and how to make a candidate seem like they fit into a new role is one of the most valuable things a resume writer provides during a career transition.


4 ways professional resume writers handle career transitions

Good resume writers know how to handle career transitions.  The way they rework a resume is both strategic and based on experience.  Usually, professional resume writers will stick to basics when they are creating a resume for a new industry.  First, they work with job seekers to fully understand what they used to do and what they would like to do in the future. Then they create a resume designed to sell the candidate’s skills in a way that makes them ideal for the position they want.  It sounds simple, but a lot of work goes into career transition resumes.  Below are 4 common ways professional resume writers handle career transitions.


Transferrable skills

Resume writers that know an industry well tend to already know what hiring managers are looking for.  They are trained to look for skills employers desire in a list of experiences and duties.  Resume writers know exactly how and what to highlight to get an interview in a new industry.  Since they aren’t afraid to brag, they may utilize skills picked up during volunteer work or during additional trainings.


What to include and exclude

During a career transition, a resume shouldn’t include a list of every position held and duty assigned.  Resume writers know which highlights get noticed by employers and what get overlooked.  They include only things that will be relevant and use them to tell a story that proves the candidate is prepared for the role they are applying for.


Proving a candidate has what it takes

Another valuable way that resume writers help during a career transition is with their ability to provide proof of skills and knowledge in a few bulleted lists.  Using transferrable skill sets and their knowledge about industry language, resume writers are able to paint a picture of a candidate in their new role, even if they have never had a job like it before.


Keywords and industry language

One of the biggest challenges facing candidates during a career transition is keywords and industry language.  Often computerized applicant tracking systems (ATS) are looking for specific keywords and phrases in resumes before they are passed on to hiring managers.  Without these keywords in a resume, even the most qualified applicants don’t get seen.  Resume writers familiar with an industry will know keywords and skills that the computerized ATS systems are looking for.  They use these keywords and industry specific language to help a candidate seem like a good fit to both the computerized ATS system and the hiring manager.



Top rated resume writers in Plantation, Florida

Resume writers with experience in career transitions aren’t easy to find.  Candidates should seek a top-rated resume writer, like Expert Business and Professional Services, to aide them with a finding a job in a new industry.  Providing services all over the world, these professional resume writers, have helped many people find the job of their dreams, even in a new industry.  Based in Plantation, Florida, Expert Business and Professional Services has over two decades of experience writing resumes.  They guarantee that any resume they write will get interviews.  To help their clients, they offer resume writing, as well as LinkedIn Profile and interview guidance.  Visit their website for a complete list of services or to schedule an assessment to get started with a career transition.