When on the hunt the for a job in Plantation, Florida, choosing to a hire a mid-level resume writer is a difficult choice.  Those looking to land a mid-level management position usually have less expendable income around.  That alone makes even thinking about hiring a mid-level resume writer a day dream for some.  While that thinking is understandable, it doesn’t align with what job seekers experience.

Several people who hired a mid-level resume writer credit that decision with how quickly they were selected for an interview.  It does make sense.  The process a professional mid-level resume writer uses is designed to get an interview.  Using their industry knowledge and experience, resume writers like those at My Expert Resume, curate a professional document that highlights a candidates experience and skill set in a way that gets noticed.

Even though hiring a mid-level resume writer has worked for some, it’s understandable to still be skeptical.  Resumes are personal and include personal experiences and accomplishments.  For that reason, and many others, it can be difficult to trust a professional mid-level resume writer to get it right.  On top of that, knowing what a resume writer should recommend and how to tell if they are behind the times can be challenging.  With so many different schools of thought out there, what really works to land an interview isn’t exactly common knowledge.  Professional mid-level resume writers should mention some basic tips and recommend some common changes to update a resume.  The following 6 things should help job seekers determine the capability of a mid-level resume writer.


Mid-level resume writers should recommend these 6 things

Before discussing the 6 things mid-level resume writers should recommend, it’s important to discuss what they should know.  When shopping around for a mid-level resume writer make sure they demonstrate knowledge about the industry and about keywords.  Nearly every employer and recruiter are using a computerized screening tool to hire. Mid-level resume writers, like those at My Expert Resume, should be able to help a candidate’s resume to include the right keywords to get through that preliminary screening.

Professional mid-level resume writers should also be willing to help a candidate understand how to conduct themselves in the interview.  After all, getting hired isn’t just about getting a resume noticed.  Candidates in Plantation, Florida who hire a mid-level resume writer that understands these 6 things and goes the extra mile to offer interview guidance could see better results.


  1. Moving the Education Section

A mid-level resume writer will know that after 3 years in the working world, the education a candidate has should come closer to the end of the document.  Switching to a mid-level management career already implies that experience is required and that an education was obtained.  Hiring managers are looking less at the college attended than they are at the list of accomplishments and assets a potential employee has.


  1. Highlighting a short list of core competencies

A professional mid-level resume writer will utilize this section for more than one purpose.  A list of core skill sets at the top of a resume helps those skimming over a resume see the most important parts first.  Since they only take about 8 seconds to look it over, that list proves to be a key selling point.  Not just for the hiring managers though, for the computers too.  A mid-level resume writer that recommends using this list as a place to also include keywords for computerized scanners is worth the investment.


  1. Quantifying information with numbers and facts

A good mid-level resume writer will recommend quantifying statements instead of using broad generalizations.  When a candidate lists that they increased profits without saying by how much, there’s some doubt left in the hiring manager’s mind.  Including specifics that back up statements, like numbers and percentages, will go a long way in differentiating a candidate from the crowd.  A professional mid-level resume writer at My Expert Resume will know to tell a candidate to reword their accomplishments to include specifics when needed.


  1. Use work history to show career progression

This could be the most important thing to look for when hiring a mid-level resume writer.  They should recommend that work experience is displayed in a way that shows progression.  Listing places of employment and duties performed is not enough to get noticed and a good professional mid-level resume writer will know that.  Starting with the most recent position first, the list of achievements should clearly show that more responsibility has been taken on and bigger achievements have been made throughout the candidates career.


  1. Split up job roles into manageable lists

A mid-level resume writer should understand how to make the progression from the previous step easily noticeable. One of the ways commonly recommended is to split the description of each role into sections.  Responsibilities and Key Achievements are the two categories often used by mid-level resume writers.  Depending on the industry and the type of job posting, other categories may be recommended.


  1. Worry less about length

Professional mid-level resume writers know that the 1 page resume is for college graduates and entry level employees.  After few years of experience,  a candidate earns more accolades than will fit on one page and to hiring managers that could be a good thing.   Mid-level resume writers that are up-to-date on trends will recommend spending the space to highlight achievements and show progress over squeezing it all in.



Hiring a mid-level resume writer with confidence

Candidates that are seeking to hire a mid-level resume writer in Plantation, Florida should screen them before making a choice.  Not all resume writers are created equal and some still use tactics that employers see as outdated and hard to read.  This list of recommendations a professional mid-level resume writer should have can help weed out those that won’t be worth the money.  It’s important to choose a resume writer that understands how to get noticed and the language of the industry.  Choosing a mid-level resume writer, like My Expert Resume, that stays on top of trends and offers interview guidance is the best way for a candidate to ensure their investment is worth it.